Bergamasco Dog breed information

Bergamasco Dog breed information

Bergamasco Dog breed is known by many names. Bergamese Shephard, Bergamo Shephard god, and Bergamasco sheepdog are just some of the many names that are attached to this breed. This breed was developed by shepherds for guarding and herding purposes. Bergamasco Dogs are intelligent and quite friendly to not just their family members but to anyone they find non-threatening. In fact, one can say that they are a social companion, always ready to meet new people and pets.

Bergamasco Dogs have a unique appearance, with their matted, mop-like coats, which is certainly something to be added to the Bergamasco Dog breed profile. They quickly form a bond with their owners and whomever they consider as family. They are especially affectionate towards kids, almost guarding over them wherever they are. If a family has young members, then they would easily find Bergamasco Dogs to be near them at all times, protecting and looking over them. They are also pretty easy to handle for novice pet owners as well as they can thrive in any setting. They are an attentive and active companion that would make for an excellent companion.

Bergamasco breed information

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