Border Terrier Dog breed information

Border Terrier Dog breed information

A popular breed among the terriers, the Border Terrier Dog breed, was originally bred to assist hunters in foxhunts. They were excellent at driving foxes out of their hiding spaces into the open. Nowadays, this good-natured breed usually serves as a family member and makes for a wonderful companion. However, they do retain many of their characteristics, which might cause an issue or two with their owners.

Due to their hunting tendencies, they have high energy levels, which need to be taken into account before adopting them. They require plenty of exercises, as well as physical and mental stimulation to keep them obedient. One only has to keep the dog active and well exercised, and they would stay a loyal companion till the end of their lives. Other Border Terrier Dog information includes versatility in adjusting to apartment life and being manageable for new dog owners. However, one should also note that these dogs do not like to stay alone for long. Hence one might be forced to hire a dog walker or pet sitter to care for this lovable four-legged companion in their absence.

Border Terrier breed information

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