Borzoi Dog breed information

Borzoi Dog breed information

Borzoi Dog breed is a native to Russia and was bred for the purpose of hunting small animals. Their past owners would have this hunting breed hunt animals like rabbit foxes and even wolves. They were usually sent out in a group of three to take even on stronger or larger animals. In the later years, this breed became popular with royalty around the European continent and was seen as a status symbol. Now naturally, this dog breed has adapted to the modern lifestyle and has become more of a laid-back family dog while retaining some of its hunting tendencies.

Their hunting past might force one to think that they do not adjust well to city life, but that is not actually the case. The Borzoi Dog breed does adapt exceptionally well to apartments without any issue. However, a problem could arise when they might be left alone for too long. one would find in the Borzoi Dog profile that these dogs do not do well when left alone. So it would be best if someone adopted this breed as part of their family, where there would be enough people to keep them engaged.

Borzoi breed information

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