English Toy Spaniel dog breed facts

English Toy Spaniel, or Charlies, as they are popularly known as is a quiet dog breed. It is a distant cousin to the Cavalier dog breed, albeit a bit more reclusive. It is a dog breed that is ideal for folks that do not have a family and can place all their focus on them. However, they can still be affectionate to family members, especially those they consider parents. It is a relaxed dog breed and much prefers a calm environment, which certainly does not make them an ideal companion for young, energetic children. They are also comfortable with other dogs or pets in the family.

As mentioned earlier, English Toy Spaniel dogs have moderate energy levels and would prefer staying inside the apartment rather than going outside and wandering around. They are suitable for a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. All these characteristics make the English Toy Spaniel ideal for novice owners. These are just some of the English Toy Spaniel dog breed information one should know before adopting one. You don’t have to look further than All Breeders is the choice for you.

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