Entlebucher Mountain Dog breeds Facts.

Bred for herding, the Entlebucher Mountain Dogs breed has an independent spirit that makes the dogs from this breed stand out. It is a hardworking dog breed that loves to work and spend time with its companions. They are highly affectionate to the human members of their pack, but it might take them some time to get accustomed to any other dogs in the household. The dogs of this breed are easy to groom and train; the latter is especially crucial as they do need a lot of exercises to stay in perfect health.

A novice pet owner might find handling the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed a bit challenging. Another Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed information to know is that the dogs of this breed do not adapt well to apartment dwellings. It should not surprise anyone as this breed is originally bred for herding and still retains many of its characteristics. They like to wander and bark a lot, which certainly does not make them suitable for apartments. They are very good with kids, though. So, you can get this breed home if your family has kids and you want a furry friend for them.

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