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French Bulldog breed information

It might surprise many, but the French bulldogs were actually not bred in France at all. Their origin can be traced back to England, where they were bred to be miniature bulldogs, and by the looks of it, the result has been fairly successful. They accompanied English lacemakers to the shores of France, where they got the name Frenchie, which certainly is hilarious.

The French bulldog is a purebred dog breed and would serve as an excellent companion in any household, especially one with kids. They love being part of the family, and their playful nature makes them popular among kids as well. The dogs of this breed are also the adaptable sort and would get accustomed to apartment dwellings, and the pups would also get friendly with animals in the house immediately.

Some French Bulldog breed facts that everyone should know. Both warm and cold climates are suitable for them. An environment with a comfortable temperature and enough space for the dog to run around would make for an excellent place for them to stay. These French bulldogs are not just friendly but also a good choice for your home.

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