Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog breed facts

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog breed hailed from Ireland and was bred to hunt small animals and birds while also herding sheep and other cattle through the farmland. It is an intelligent breed that is hardworking and would make for a great addition to a family pet. Kerry Blue Terrier Dog breed is a loyal dog breed that is friendly to anyone it ever meets. Their owner does not have to worry about the Kerry Blue Terrier Dog misbehaving for a silly reason. They are also easy to train, even though they can be pretty headstrong from time to time. However, this dog breed does prefer to be the solo pet in the household and does not take well to other pets.

Other crucial Kerry Blue Terrier Dog breed information to know: This dog breed adapts easily to apartments even when they prefer open fields much more. One issue that could arise with apartment dwellings is the tendency for this breed to howl; this could make life a bit difficult for the neighbors. This is also a breed that needs regular exercise to stay fit. Make sure you are aware of their routine.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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