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Parson Russel Terrier dog breed information

Parson Russel Terrier dog breed originated in the South of England as a hunting dog. They were bred by a man named Reverend John “The Sporting Parson” Russell, hence the name of this breed. The dogs of this breed are bold and clever, as they were intended to be independent hunters who can sort problems out by themselves. And they have certainly accomplished that. Now, these dogs are mostly thought of as home companions rather than hunting dogs.

Some Parson Russel Terrier dog breed facts that one should know before adopting one in their household: The dogs from this are highly affectionate in their behavior with family members. They are also good with children and other dogs in the household. Parson Russel Terrier dog breed is also adaptable, but they do require regular physical and mental stimulation to live a healthy life. They are also easy for novice dog owners to handle, primarily due to their low shedding and drooling. You could not go wrong if you opt to adopt the Parson Russell Terrier dog breed in your family. You can bring the Parson Russell terrier dog breed at affordable prices. 

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