Affenpinscher Dog Breed Information

Affenpinscher Information That Might Amaze You

The Affenpinscher Dog Breed Information, also known as the Monkey Terrier, is a terrier-like dog breed that was initially bred to act as ratters in shops and stables. But now, they have been bred down in size to be more suitable to keep as a family pet. If you have seen Star Wars, then you would instantly spot the resemblance between an Affenpinscher dog’s face, and that of Wookies, a popular species in the series. But naturally, they are relatively smaller in size. However, one should not expect their small stature to their meekness, as they are pretty feisty in nature and full of energy which makes them a favorite among kids.

They Love to Be Free

The Affenpinscher dogs also enjoy their freedom and do not very much like to be tamed. And while they have no issue playing with kids, they do prefer the company of adults. An Affenpinscher Dog Breed Profile leash may not be appealing to your Affenpinscher.  An apt comparison is their behavioral similarity to monkeys.They are loyal, affectionate, and completely fearless. But yes, they can be quite willful as well. You can adopt them if you like Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures and love everything about them. Here we have informed you about Affenpinscher Dog Breed. We have lots of dog breeds and information about them.

Affenpinscher Breed Information

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