Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Newfoundland Dog breed facts

Newfoundland is a strong breed, and they have to be as they were initially bred to be capable and hardworking dogs and companions to fishermen. They were used to pull nets and haul wood from the forests. The Newfoundland Dog breed is also a capable swimmer. Their ability to work tirelessly over both land and water certainly made them a popular option for many. However, now they have successfully transitioned into a more domesticated life and are a great option as family dogs.
Some Newfoundland Dog breed information: The dogs from this breed are highly affectionate to both adults and kids of the family; their sweet nature certainly makes them a favorite. They are also friendly towards other pets in the household, even with strangers that they meet. This is an intelligent and easy-to-train breed and would never misbehave with its owners. They do, however, prefer living in open spaces and dislike apartment dwellings. They also have a tendency to bark which could pose some issues with living in an apartment complex. It is a breed that is suitable for novice pet owners as well as folks that have prior experience.
Affenpinscher Dog.

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