Basset Hound Dog breed information

Basset Hound Dog breed information

Basset Hounds are from a dog breed that was specifically bred for hunting small animals like rabbits, something they do to this day. Basset hounds are distinct in their appearance with their small stature. And just like their stature, they are pretty laid back as well and could often be found lazing around with kids.

The Basset Hound dog breed is an excellent choice for folks that are not much experienced with taking care of pets. Yes, that is right; if you are looking for a dog as a first-time pet owner, the Basset Hound Dog profile should undoubtedly appeal to you.

The dogs from this breed are incredibly affectionate to family members and are of the adaptable sort. So, they do not have any issue with living in an apartment in the city. They are also friendly towards kids. However, because of their relaxed and often bordering on lazy nature, one is advised to give this dog regular exercise; otherwise, its general lazy attitude and easy-going behavior could cause health problems in the future. This is something you need to keep in mind, especially if you want them to be your companion for a very long time.

Basset Hound breed information

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