Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Pointer dog breed information

It would not surprise one to find that the Pointer dog breed was bred to track animals, especially avians, hence their name. They were excellent companions for hunters, hunting birds, and even small game such as rabbits. However, now they are mostly found in households around the world and make for an exceptional family dog. It is an energetic dog breed suited for the active home environment. So, if you have young children who would love to play around with a pet, this breed would be an excellent addition to your home. They are also affectionate with family members, other pets in the household, and even strangers they meet. It is certainly a curious breed.

Other Pointer dog breed facts: This dog is unsuitable for living in small apartments. They much rather prefer a farm where they can run around. Living in an open space is also suitable for their high energy levels, as this breed does need regular physical and mental exercise. The dogs of this breed can easily reach and height of two feet and weigh around 45 to 75 pounds. A Pointer dog is a choice for you when you are looking for an active breed. 

Affenpinscher Dog.

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