American English Coonhound Dog Breed information

American English Coonhound Breed information

American English Coonhounds are descendent of the English Foxhound and share similar hunting traits. They are also quite similar to their ancestors when it comes to their speed, endurance, and that loud vocal cord that they do not hesitate to use. Naturally, this would make them a poor choice if they lived in an apartment. American English Coonhound Dog breed prefers the open field where there is a lot of room for them and partakes in several energy-burning activities. And yes, they are also highly energetic and require plenty of exercises before they get a restful night of sleep.

American English Coonhound Breed Facts: These dogs are affectionate, intelligent, and also reasonably easy to train. But one cannot be lax in their training at all as they do need regular physical and mental activity to be tamed. They also like to roam a lot, even by themselves. So. If one can conjure up a secure backyard where they can roam and enjoy physical activity, they would be a lot of fun to keep as a pet. One should only opt for this breed if they can handle their high-activity requirement and find this information useful.

American English Coonhound Breed information

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