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Irish Water Spaniel dog breed information

Irish Water Spaniel dog breed is native to Irish shores and was bred as a water retriever. It is one of the rare dog breeds and would be hard to find in many places outside Ireland. Naturally, this dog breed has adapted to modern times and has become more of a family dog than the water retriever they used to be. This dog breed also makes for an excellent companion for families with young kids.

Irish Water Spaniel dog breed is an active dog breed with highly intelligent creatures that are always up for some fun. This water retriever breed loves water and cannot wait to partake in one or another activity. For families that live near a water body, the Irish Water Spaniel dog breed might be the best companion that one can opt for.

Other Irish Water Spaniel dog breed facts that one should know includes their stubbornness, which might make them a bit of a challenge to handle for novice pet owners. However, with proper training, this is something that can be rectified. You can also check some more interesting information about Irish water spaniel dogs right here at All Breeders.

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