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Tibetan mastiff Dog Breed Information

The history of the Tibetan mastiff is obscured by the seclusion of its home nation and the absence of written records of breeding. But we are aware that the Tibetan mastiff is a long-standing breed with a long history in Central Asia.

Being an ultimate guard dog is just one of the Tibetan mastiff Dog Breed Facts. It is vigilant, distant, intimidating, and terrifying. These puppies are huge wusses when it relates to their human family, despite their imposing size. The Tibetan mastiff can weigh just over 100 pounds and stand 26 inches tall at the shoulders. The Tibetan Mastiff is incredibly bright, independent-minded, and fiercely protective. He tends to be terrific with kids and has a strong affection for his family, but he is not for everyone.

The breed is reputed to be just as majestic and vigilant as a lion. Like many purebred dogs, the Tibetan mastiff is susceptible to certain hereditary diseases. In order to prevent passing on genetic disorders, responsible breeders screen their adult dogs before breeding them.

Please remember this Tibetan mastiff Dog Breed Information that taking additional precautions when managing a Tibetan mastiff is necessary.

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