Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Silky Terrier Dog Breed Information

Due to its athletic build and somewhat longer than height stature, the Silky terrier challenges the perception of a toy dog. It is only eight to ten pounds and nine to ten inches tall, making it look like a toy in terms of size. Silky Terrier dog breed information states that their eyes are small and almond-shaped, and their tiny, erect, pointed ears. The skull is flat and has a shallow stop. Docked tail raises quite high in the air.

One of the quirkiest Silky Terrier dog breed facts is their distinguished coat. It is beautifully straight, silky, and shiny. Unlike the Yorkshire terrier’s coat, which cascades to the ground, it hugs the body’s curve. It has a very pretty tan with a tint of blue color. Unlike its perception, the silky terrier is not at all   a spoiled lap dog. The silky terrier is a determined lovely dog always looking for a challenge.  Unaware of its size, this dog would cherish the chance to go rat hunting. Thankfully, playing games and chasing after toys in the house and garden can satisfy the silky’s appetite for hunting.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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