Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Field Spaniel Dog breed facts

It is a sturdy breed with a medium stature that gives them a distinct appearance. Field Spaniel Dogs were bred as a breed for retrieving game from water and land, and while they do still retain many of such traits, they are more of a family companion now than hunting dogs. These dogs are loyal and highly affectionate to their owner. Another trait that has passed on through the species is their obedient nature, which can be observed in how easily trainable this breed is. This intelligent breed, once properly trained, would follow every instruction immediately. This is something that has also made Field Spaniel Dog breed popular as a show dog.

However, one piece of Field Spaniel Dog breed information that everyone should know before adopting one is their incompatibility with living in a small-sized apartment in an urban center. A small space is not a good fit for this breed. They also crave constant companionship, so one might be required to hire a dog walker and pet sitter to take care of the Field Spaniel Dog breed when they are at work. Now, don’t wait to bring this pet home.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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