American Hairless Terrier Dog Breed information

American Hairless Terrier information

American Hairless Terrier information, this Breed is the only hairless dog breed that is indigenous to the US, and surprisingly, they were created accidentally. As evident by the name, these dogs do not have any hair on their body, naturally making them an excellent companion for folks who suffer from allergies and want an active companion. And American Hairless Terrier is certainly an energetic breed.

American Hairless Terriers are also referred to as Hairless Rat Terriers because of their appearance and small size. But do not for a second one should assume their size to be proportional to their energy levels. The dogs in this breed are quite spunky and sometimes too curious for their own good. These dogs thrive as part of a big family and also can easily adjust to any situation, including moving to an apartment. However, since they do lack a coat of some sort, they are not suitable for cold climates. In fact, there prefer moderate weather, which is neither too hot nor too cold. They are also easy to groom as well. One can own an American hairless terrier and feel the pride to have a small furry friend. You can contact us to get more information.

American Hairless Terrier Breed information

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