Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Scottish Terrier dog breed information

The Scottish Terrier is a determined and smart dog whose “heads up, tails up” approach in the ring should express fire and control. Its strong, brave, and elegant appearance epitomizes force in a compact package.

Scottish Terrier dog breed information does not change for their adult and younger version. The Scottish develops into a confident, cheerful, yet firm and dignified adult with more independence than most terriers while still being friendly and energetic as a youngster. He is fiercely independent, bold, and occasionally gloomy and crusty.

Scottish Terrier dog breed facts claim they are not suited for long-distance jogging. This dog is easily pleased with regular walks. He will chase squirrels and chipmunks with raucous zeal. The Scottish Terrier makes a commanding guardian because he is focusing solely on his owner and is reserved among strangers. Earlier, he had to mingle with people while still being restrained from being intelligent. He can be aggressive with other dogs. This dog is not meant for sensitive owners! Because Scottie is proud, touchy, and quickly angered, it is important to practice tough, persistent leadership and obedience training. If pushed too far or handled aggressively, he can retaliate in a bad manner.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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