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Norwegian Lundehund dog breed facts

Native to Norway, the Norwegian Lundehund dog breed is an agile dog breed that was used to scale cliffs and rob puffin nests. It has one distinguishable feature that makes them stand apart, and that is the presence of six toes on each foot, which are double or even triple-jointed. This allows them to have an amazing range of motion and certainly helps them in climbing. Now they can be found in homes around the world as a loving member of the family.
While the general friendliness levels of the Norwegian Lundehund dog breed are certainly good, even friendly with strangers, they can be difficult for novice pet owners to handle. They are also unsuitable for apartment dwellings; the same is true for hot climate conditions. Norwegian Lundehund dog breed thrives in a cold climate. They are also easy to groom. The dogs from this breed can easily reach a height of 15 inches and weigh around 6 to 7 kg. These are the crucial Norwegian Lundehund dog breed information that one should know before they adopt a dog from this breed as a member of their family.
Affenpinscher Dog.

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