Australian Shepherd Dog breed information

Australian Shepherd Dog breed information

This might come as a surprise to you, but despite its name, the Australian Shepherd Dog breed does not have its origin in Australia. in fact, these talks were bred in the Western US during the famous gold rush in the 1840s. Their purpose was to herd livestock, something this breed continues to be used for to this day. Yes, it should not come much of a surprise if one finds this breed working at a farm and herding the livestock, quite effectively, one might add. Even after two centuries since its origin, the Australian Shepherd Dog breed is still a hard-working dog at heart.

The dogs from this breed are often called ‘The Aussie’ and would love nothing more than to get back to doing something. They are an active companion with above-average intelligence, which makes them an excellent part of a family. These Australian Shepherd Dog characteristics, including them being unsuitable for apartments, make them a perfect companion for folks that live on a farm or spacious location with an active lifestyle, something the dog would enjoy. If one has a spacious location for an Australian Shepherd dog, then it is good to adopt it.

Australian Shepherd breed information

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