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Pyrenean Shepherd Dog Breed Information

The Pyrenean Shepherd, the tiniest of the French herding breeds, is a resident of the untamed French Pyrenees mountains, as his name suggests.

Despite its name, the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog breed is a tireless herder derived from prehistoric sheepdogs of the Pyrenees highlands. The Pyrenean Shepherd Dog breed facts are passionate, playful, and truncheon-shaped dog breeds

Although the Pyrenean Shepherd is immensely endearing due to his small size, looks, and passionate love for his family, he is in no way the right breed for a novice, careless, or indolent dog owner.

Pyr Sheps are quite energetic and active, so make sure you can keep pace with them on their regular walks.

These rugged, lanky, and vivacious herders come in two coat varieties: rough-faced and smooth-faced, and are renowned for their ferocious and gratis action.

One of the important  Pyrenean shepherd Dog Breed Information is that they are excellent dog athletes and are frequently spotted in agility competitions. They excel at picking up tricks, too.

This breed can be the one for you if you want a canine companion that will keep you active!

Affenpinscher Dog.

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