Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed information

Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed information

Yes, these dogs are indigenous to Turkey, and that is the reason behind their name. Anatolian Shepherd breed is fiercely loyal and intelligent. These dogs have a guardian nature to what they consider to be their flock, thus including the family member and the livestock they are responsible for. However, they could be pretty difficult at times due to their stubborn nature. This requires them to be trained effectively, which is pretty easy as they look for fun and engaging activities. They do have standoffish behavior, which might not suit everyone. But once trained and appropriately socialized, they would not hesitate to take part in group activities.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed is also affectionate with family and kids; however, their size could pose some problems when they engage in playful activities with small kids. They are extremely cautious of strangers, and it would take a long time for them to consider a stranger non-threatening, something that could be a challenge. They also do not adapt to living in an apartment as they prefer open spaces. If one has sufficient open space, owning an Anatolian Shepherd dog is a great decision to make.

Anatolian Shepherd breed information

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