Dachshund Dog Breed Facts

Dachshund Dogs are scent-hound dogs breed that were initially bred to hunt small animals such as badgers, rabbits, foxes, etc. They have been excellent companions to hunters over the years because of their excellent hunting and tracking abilities. They are also pretty popular in the show businesses. However, that is not to say that they do not make for an excellent family companion because they certainly do.

The dogs of this breed are also of a pretty adaptable sort, with them easily adjusting to city and apartment life immediately. They are also not very fussy and can be easily managed by first-time dog owners without much issue. This dog breed is also very affectionate with kids and would also be up for playtime. These dogs just love to wander around and discover new places, a crucial Dachshund Dog Breed information that every owner must know about. They can also gain weight quickly, something the owners must keep an eye on. This highly intelligent breed of dog would make an excellent addition to your family, big or small. Dachshund dog breed information ensures you make the right choice when buying a pet. 

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