Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Harrier Dog breed information

The Harrier Dog breed was originally bred as a hunting breed, primarily to hunt hares and foxes. Their sense of smell and hardworking nature quickly makes them stand out against other dog breeds. And while they are not the most common dog breed that one would find in households, they are still an excellent choice one can go for a family home pet.

It is a very active and playful breed, traits that are only surpassed by this breed’s affection towards its family members, which includes kids and other dogs in the household. The Harrier Dog breed is highly affectionate towards the kids of the household and would always be up for a game with them. They are also pretty affectionate towards strangers they consider non-threatening to their pack. However, before one goes and adopts one, there are a couple of Harrier Dog breed facts that one should note. First, they are not suitable for apartment dwellings, especially with high-energy levels. Second, they can be pretty stubborn and challenging for one to train. They also have a higher-than-average wanderlust potential. Harrier dog breed is the right choice for one, who wants a pet for their kids.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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