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Norfolk Terrier dog breed information

Norfolk Terrier dog breed is part of the terrier group, even though that might surprise many due to their size. The Norfolk Terrier dog breed might have a small stature, but no one can doubt that it is not a terrier. It is an alert and nimble dog breed with a hardworking trait and makes for ideal companions as family pets.
The dogs from this breed are highly affectionate and could often be found cuddling with family members. They get along with everybody, which is one of the many things that makes them popular as house pets. They are also adaptable and would easily adjust to living in an apartment space or even in large homes with no issues whatsoever. The same is the case with climate conditions as well; the Norfolk Terrier dog breed is suitable for both hot and cold climates. These Norfolk Terrier dog breed facts only make it clear that this breed is suitable for novice pet owners. They are easy to train and highly intelligent, though they do require regular exercise because of their energy levels. You could not go wrong by adopting a Norfolk Terrier dog into your family.
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