Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Papillon Dog breed information

The Papillon Dog breed is among the more popular dog breeds that one can adopt in their household. Their origin date is not precisely known but what is true is that this breed is a descendant of the Toy Spaniels from the 16th century. So, a case can be made that it is one of the older dog breeds. The dogs from this breed are highly active and of the obedient sort, which certainly makes them wonderful companions in households. The dogs of this breed are active and playful and hate lazing around on a couch.

Some other Papillon Dog breed facts that one should be aware of. The dogs from this breed have sparkling personality, which shows when this dog is in their comfort zone. They also are of adaptable sort and quickly adapt to living in an apartment space. However, one thing that should be noted about this breed is that they hate being alone. So, you might need to hire a dog walker and pet caretaker when you are not at home. You can rely on these details if you are in the mood for bringing a pet home. 

Affenpinscher Dog.

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