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Schipperke dog breed information

The schipperke is an ancient Belgian purebred that has a long history. The Schipperke is the customary barge dog of the Low Countries and is known as the “little captain” of Belgium. This little black dog is a robust, long-lived buddy who never has a dull moment. 

They lack a tail and have a head that resembles a fox, a broad chest, and short feet. They are perfect rat-catching machines thanks to their strong jaws, necks, and forequarters, as well as their stealthy, cat-like hunting manner.

The fact that Schipperke’s dog breed is intelligent and curious earns them the moniker “little black devil,” or LBD. They are faithful and courageous, constantly on the lookout to keep their family safe. Schipperkes don’t really make suitable kennel dogs due to their background as companions and wanting to remain with their masters.

According to Schipperke’s dog breed information, they are lovable for their petite stature and minimal care coat, but their curious spirits and acute intellect may make them naughty. A well-trained, active, and giddy dog will make a wonderful watchdog and a happy, loving family member if you teach him gently and keep him busy.

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