Canaan Dog Breed Information
Survived in the desert of Israel for thousands of years, the Canaan dog is a pariah dog. The Canaan dogs are purebred dogs. These dogs have a watchful temperament. In fact, these dogs are quite vocal and bark at perceived threats. The Canaan Dog breed Information marks that they are highly intelligent and high tendency to bark. The dog patrols his property and can be kept as a pet but with care. These dogs require proper training and socialization if one wants to keep them as a pet. The Canaan dog breed is athletic breed and stubborn. These dogs require regular exercise and basic grooming.

One should take care of their activity and needs if adopting them as a pet in the family. They require fresh water at all times. Their diet should be nutritionally balanced. The Canaan Dog breed profile should also include that overeating must be avoided. One needs to do plenty of research about this breed before adopting them because these dogs can be very vocal and might not live peacefully. Make sure they are socialized at a young age. The best thing about this breed is that these dogs are not much aggressive.

Canaan Breed Information

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