Bearded Collie Dog breed Information

Bearded Collie Dog breed Information

One glimpse at this breed and one would understand why they are named as such. The Bearded Collie dog breed is renowned because of its unique look. Not only do they have long hair on their body, but they also give them the appearance of having a beard. The bearded Collie dog breed was bred in Scotland as companions to farmers and to herd sheep and cattle, something they do to this day. They are quite a hard-working breed because of their roots.

Bearded Collie dogs are pretty active, which again is something that makes them excellent for farmers and cattle owners. Bearded Collie dogs are highly affectionate and would make for a wonderful companion for even novice pet owners. Bearded Collie dog breed characteristics include their high obedience level and their tendency to escape any confined space. Yes, while these dogs can adapt to living in an apartment, the owners would have to keep an eye on them, so they do not do a disappearing act. Bearded Collie dogs love to run and wander into new places, so it would be best for the owners to let them wander around during their walk to sate their curious nature.

Bearded Collie breed Information

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