Belgian Malinois dog breed information

Belgian Malinois dog breed information

The Belgian Malinois dog breed is quite popular among folks that have a military or police backgrounds. And it is understandable as these dogs are routinely used by security forces. Originally bred to be as herding dogs, these loving four-legged creatures have made a seamless transition from keeping the cattle safe to now keeping us safe. However, that does not mean they are suitable for being a family pet; they certainly are. They are an affectionate dog breed and would be a guardian for young kids if the family has any.

The Belgian Malinois breed profile makes it entirely suitable to be a part of a family. They are highly intense, active, and, more importantly, obedient to the owner. They also have an intense look to them.

The dogs of this breed are pretty athletic and require plenty of exercises to stay fit and healthy. They are also unsuitable for living in an apartment or tight space, as they would not like it much. They also might not make for a smart choice for first-time pet owners as they do require plenty of physical and mental activity, especially when they are pups.

Belgian Malinois breed information

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