Basenji Dog breed information

Basenji Dog breed information

Basenji Dog breed, as one might gather, is not a breed that is native to the US or even Europe. And they would be right as the Basenji Dog breed originated in Congo as the hunter’s companion. They used to flush small game into the hunter’s net, but they had also been used pretty effectively in controlling the rodent problems in villages in the region. Naturally, they have adapted to modern living standards and are now an excellent companion to families. But still, many of the Basenji Dog breed characteristics are similar to those of their predecessors.

Since this breed had been an excellent companion to hunters, one can assume them to be quite clever. And they certainly are. These dogs also adapt quickly to their situation and circumstances and will do well even in apartments. However, they do require sufficient exercise, walks, and playtime for their physical and mental stimulation. They also do not have the tendency to bark or howl unnecessarily, which would naturally endear them to someone living in a city apartment. They are also quite affectionate with kids. One needs to take care of the health and fitness of the Basenji dog.

Basenji breed information

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