Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Pekingese dog breed facts

The Pekingese dog breed was bred in China as companions for the imperial family and its members. They have a distinct aristocratic appearance which certainly helps the dogs from this breed stand out. Now, this breed is mainly thought of as a family dog, and they certainly serve this purpose successfully. It is an adaptable breed with no issue living in an apartment or open space. However, one should note that they have a tendency to bark, which might cause a problem if one is considering an apartment dwelling.

Some crucial Pekingese dog breed information that one should note. It is an affectionate breed, but only with the family members and those whom it considers part of the pack. They are cautious towards strangers as well as young children. The best home for the Pekingese dog breed would be with adults and teens. They also shed a lot and can be difficult to groom, which makes them unsuitable for novice pet owners. Keep all this in mind before adopting a Pekingese dog breed in your household. This breed is not just attractive but also friendly, which you can keep in your home. 

Affenpinscher Dog.

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