Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Ibizan Hound dog breed information

As pretty much evident by the name, this dog breed was bred in Ibiza with the aim of hunting rabbits and other small games on the island. And while they are still used for the same purpose to this day in many regions around the world, partly due to their higher-than-average tracking abilities, they have also been adopted as more of a family companion in recent times. The simple reason is because of how affectionate and caring this breed is. The dogs of this would make for excellent family companions due to their friendly behavior.

Some other Ibizan Hound dog breed facts that one should be aware of: First, this breed possesses high energy levels, and the pet owners might be required to take them out on walks multiple times a day. These dogs are also very much of the adaptable sort and would get comfortable in an apartment in an urban center pretty quickly. They are pretty friendly with kids and have no issue with other pets in the household, especially dogs. They also like to socialize. So, make sure you play with them and walk with them in the evening and morning.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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