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Leonberger dog breed information

Leonberger dog breed is quite a large dog breed, something that would stand out in its appearance. This is a breed that is a mix of the Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees are the traits of all of which can be found in this dog. This is a breed that is suitable for cold climate conditions; in fact, they thrive in it. An affectionate breed that would return one’s affection and then more. The dogs of this breed are also kids-friendly and even take well to the other animals that are already part of the household.
It is a high-intensity and high-energy breed – one of the most crucial Leonberger dog breed facts to know. They require proper training, which might be a bit of a challenge for novice pet owners. They also have a higher-than-average exercise need and would ask for walks and playtime multiple times a day. The dogs from this breed also do not take well to living in apartment buildings and do not get along well with strangers, at least for a long time. You can reach out to All Breeders and gather all the information about Leonberger’s dog here.
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