Doberman Pinscher dog breed information

The Doberman Pinscher breed is one of the more renowned dog breeds around the globe. Originally bred in 19th Germany as guard dogs, the ancestry of the Doberman Pinscher breed still remains a mystery to this day. However, the common consensus is that this dog breed is a mixture of many breeds of the time, including Terrier and German Pinscher.

The dogs of this breed have sleek coats and athletic build with a royal appearance that makes them stand out from other dog breeds. In fact, they have an aristocratic look that can be easily observed in their appearance. This is a highly energetic dog breed and is usually part of security forces. However, they can also be an excellent companion as family dogs. 

Some Doberman Pinscher dog breed facts that one should be aware of. These dogs are highly affectionate with those they consider pack. They are kids-friendly; however, they do not get along well with other dogs, so one should not get a Doberman Pinscher breed if they already have other dogs in their household. They also need to have plenty of exercise on a daily basis.

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