Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Norwegian Elkhound dog breed information

Norwegian Elkhound dog breed has a distinct look to them, which might lead to some people confusing them for a wolf, as they have similar facial features. Norwegian Elkhound dog breed was bred for hunting, especially moose and other big game. Now they have successfully transitioned as family dogs and would make for an excellent companion in one’s home. They are also used as watchdogs. The Norwegian Elkhound dog breed is a bold, energetic, and protective breed and is utterly devoted to those whom they consider part of the ‘pack.’
Crucial Norwegian Elkhound dog breed facts for one to know: Norwegian Elkhound dog breed needs regular exercise as it is a high-energy level dog breed. They could easily reach a height of 19 to 20 inches and have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They are also pretty sensitive and would plop their heads into their owner’s lap if they find them upset. They also adapt to apartment dwellings without fuss, though they do have higher-than-average wanderlust potential and love to go outside. This breed is also relatively easy to groom, which is certainly helpful for novice pet owners.
Affenpinscher Dog.

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