English Foxhound dog breed information

English Foxhound breed was initially bred in the English countryside as a hunting dog breed, something that is pretty evident from the name of the breed. However, they have easily transitioned to a more domesticated version of themselves and are now a faithful companion in households. However, they still retain many of the hunting characteristics that have made them an excellent companion for hunters over the years.

English Foxhound breed is a highly energetic breed, hence the need to have plenty of exercise on a daily basis. It is crucial when it comes to their health as well. The dogs of this breed also have a mischievous and a bit sneaky nature. They love to would wander around here and there without the owner not being any wiser. They do not like living in a small, cramped space and would never be comfortable in an apartment dwelling. Another of the English Foxhound dog breed facts that should be noted is how easy to groom this breed is and that even a first-time pet owner could easily take care of them. So, getting a furry friend home is not a complex task.

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