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Irish Red and White Setter breed information

Irish Red and White Setter is a dog breed that is native to the island of Ireland. They are a cousin to the Irish Setter and were on the verge of extension due to the breeder’s focus on the all-red variant of this breed. The Irish Red and White Setter have a distinct appearance, with a lean build which helps them have a fast running speed. It is also one of the reasons why this breed was a favored companion of hunters. However, they make for excellent family dogs as well. They might be a bit hard for one to train, but they are a reliable breed that one can adopt.

Some Irish Red and White Setter breed facts: They are affectionate with family and are protective of anyone they consider as part of their pack; this includes other pets in the household as well. They are comfortable around kids and are always up for some playfulness. They do have a tendency to bark, and their aversion to small spaces certainly makes this breed unsuitable for apartment dwellings. So, make sure you bring the Irish red and white setter breed home now.

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