Berger Picard Dog breed information

Berger Picard Dog breed information

The Berger Picard Dog breed, also known as Picardy Shephard, is one of the oldest French sheepdogs. Surprisingly, it still retains many of its looks and characteristics even after hundreds of years. The Berger Picard Dog has a shabby look that makes them quite endearing to pet lovers. They also are pretty intelligent, and one might even notice their presence in many movies. This is due to their trainability and how quickly they can learn things without much effort.

However, one of the many Berger Picard Dog characteristics that an owner should know is stubbornness. Yes, they do have a mean, stubborn streak, which might frustrate the owners from time to time. One needs to be patient with this breed. Proper training and exercise are also crucial for their physical and mental health. They are a high-energy and active breed that would be affectionate and loyal to family members. They are especially great with kids, which can be associated with their herding nature. They are cautious of strangers and would take a while to feel relaxed in the presence of someone new. The same is the case with other pets in the household as well.

Berger Picard breed information

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