Bichons Frise Dog breed information

Bichons Frise Dog breed information

Bichons Frise Dog breed is one of the small-sized breeds, but that should not fool anyone. They are full of mischief and energy. They are extremely intelligent and almost look like a child’s toy with their black eye and fluffy white coat. It is a very playful breed always looking for some activity and engagement.

These affectionate creatures would need a lengthy playtime so not only they but their owners could get a restful night of sleep. They are also suitable for apartment life as well without any issues. However, they do hate being alone, so one would be recommended to hire a dog walker or pet sitter during their office hours. They are also suitable for novice pet owners as well as they are easily trainable and obedient. Some other Bichons Frise Dog breed characteristics include their friendly nature towards strangers but also affection towards every member of the family, including kids. They are a smart breed that demands a lot of affection and attention and would give the same tenfold. They would make for an excellent companion for everyone. A perfect choice for families that need a trusted companion.

Bichons Frise breed information

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