Boston Terrier Dog breed information

Boston Terrier Dog breed information

Boston Terrier Dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide; there is no doubt about that. It is one of the newer breeds, created only 100 years ago. Bred as a fighter dog, this breed has quickly evolved into the perfect companion for a modern household. They are also affectionately called American gentlemen due to their tuxedo light markings.

They are a highly affectionate dog breed that gets along with everyone in the family, including the other pets. They are pretty quick in making friends, even with strangers. They are also suitable to live in every living condition, including in a city apartment. The dogs of this breed just like being with humans and love to engage in interesting activities. In a comprehensive Boston Terrier Dog profile, one would find them to be extremely playful and easy to train. However, the owner needs to ensure that they are getting plenty of exercise, as it is crucial for their general health. The dogs of this breed are also pretty easy to groom as well, which only makes them more popular among families. So, you can bring it home if you want to adopt a pet.

Boston Terrier breed information

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