Bernese Mountain Dog breed information

Bernese Mountain Dog breed information

Originated in Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog breed is a versatile working dog that would make for an excellent companion in a household. They were bred to handle multiple tasks like herding, pulling carts, and being watchdogs, and they excelled at all of them. They are the perfect companion for a farm and cattle owner. Bernese Mountain Dogs are hard-working and never shy away from work; in fact, they almost crave to be engaged in an activity.

This is a large and sturdy breed, with a friendly disposition to anyone they might consider non-threatening to what they are protecting. Bernese Mountain Dog profile would show that they are highly intelligent and easily trainable. However, while the Bernese Mountain Dog breed is of the adaptable sort, they do not appreciate living in a small, enclosed area. They very much prefer an open space where they can run and play around to their heart’s content. They also crave constant companionship and hate being alone. One other thing that Bernese Mountain Dog owners should know is that they do not get well with the hot weather, which is something one must consider before adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain breed information

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