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Keeshonden Dog breed facts

Keeshond Dog breed is one of the older dog breeds in existence today. They were bred in the 17th century as watchdogs for the canals and rivers of Holland. They are both a guard and a companion dog breed, which certainly makes them pretty suitable to be raised as family pets. This is why one will find the Keeshond Dog breed to be pretty common in households, especially in the Netherlands.

Crucial Keeshonden Dog breed information that every pet owner must know: First, the dogs from the Keeshond Dog breed are highly affectionate to humans and even friendly towards strangers. They love to get engaged, especially in family activities, and would always be there as the center of attention. They have no trouble living in an apartment, though their tendency to bark, and quite frequently at that, might become an issue with the neighbors sooner or later. These dogs also like to be with people and do not tolerate being left alone. Keeshond Dog breed is an excellent choice for one to consider, especially with them being extra affectionate with kids. You can get Keeshonden dogs and they are certainly the right choice.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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