Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Plott Hound dog breed information

The Plott Hound dog breed originated in The State of North Carolina over 200 years ago. They were initially bred as hunting dogs to keep track of and hunt beer and wild boars. And while they are still used in some circles for the same purpose, as they make an excellent companion for hunters, they have quickly adjusted to modern life and would make for a wonderful family. It is an active and obedient dog breed that loves to participate in tracking and other sporting activity.

Some Plott Hound dog breed facts: The dogs of this breed have an average height of 27 inches. That, in addition to their active nature, makes them unsuitable for apartment dwellings. These dogs would very much prefer living in a farm or house with a backyard for them to run into. However, in the case of residents in a home with a backyard, one should have high fences on their property as these dogs do like to wander around. It is an affectionate breed that would have no trouble with other pets in the household, especially dogs. They are affectionate to both kids and strangers.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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