Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

German Shorthaired Pointer breed information

It is a breed that originated in Germany, as made clear by the name. German Shorthaired Pointer is a sporting breed that is used for hunting games on both land and water terrain. The striking and easy-to-spot coat makes them stand out. The dogs of this breed are highly affectionate to their owners, which certainly explain why they have slowly transitioned to being family dogs over the years.

Not only are the dogs of this breed easy to groom, but they are easy to train, which explains why they have been popular hunter’s companions. They are also good with kids, and their playfulness would make for an ideal family dog. However, the German Shorthaired Pointer is also a high-energy breed, which makes them unsuitable for apartment life. Another of the German Shorthaired Pointer breed facts that everyone should know is their wanderlust potential, which is off the charts. It is crucial that the pet owner keep an eye on the four-legged furry friend, especially during walks, as they do like to go into unsafe places. Your search for genuine information about a friendly and affectionate pet is now over at All Breeders.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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