Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed facts

Originally bred to be hardworking dogs, these Swiss dogs have adapted well to living in a family home. They had been widely used to herd cattle, pull carts, stand guard, and many other activities, successful, and while in many places, they are still used as such, they have become more of a family companion over the years. But although they have successfully transitioned to a modern dog lifestyle, they do still retain many of their traits, chief among them their hardworking nature.

The dogs of this breed like to stay active and engaged in one activity or another. They love participating in sports activities and are also extremely affectionate and playful. However, their large size and need to stay active make them unsuitable for first-time pet owners. One piece of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed information that every pet owner must know before adopting one is their love for open spaces. It is not recommended to keep this breed in an apartment. They also do not like warm weather and would much prefer cold climate conditions. You can bring this pet home and enjoy being with them

Affenpinscher Dog.

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