American Eskimo Dog breed Information

American Eskimo Dog breed Information

As one can pretty much guess from the name, the American Eskimo Dog breed has a white coat. This makes them similar in appearance to Eskimos. They are a Nordic dog breed (which is not really surprising) and are part of the Spitz family. The dogs of this breed are also affectionately called ‘Eskies,’ which does undoubtedly suit them.

An American Eskimo Dog is part of a pretty active breed, and its dogs love to partake in family activities and would easily take to training. However, their behavior in front of strangers is quite a contrast to how they spend their time with family members. They would be reserved and cautious with strangers, but once they get accustomed to their presence, their fun and playful side would come out. And even though they are a relatively small-sized breed, they do not hesitate to take on animals that are bigger than them. Eskies are also suitable for apartment living, as they easily adapt to new environments. They are also quite good with kids, always looking after them and participating in activities. One can adopt an American Eskimo dog if he finds this breed interesting.

American Eskimo breed Information

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