Affenpinscher Dog Breed Pictures

Great Pyrenees dog breed facts

The Great Pyrenees dog breed was bred to be a guard animal, protecting sheep, goats, and even humans from intruders. This beautiful and highly intelligent dog breed is quick on its feet and would immediately pounce on anyone they consider a threat. Another characteristic of this Great Pyrenees dog breed is the stunning white coat of this breed. This is a strong breed with a dominating presence. But do not be fooled by their intimidating experience. The dogs from this breed are highly affectionate to those whom they consider part of the pack. They are also pretty good with kids and other pets in the household.

Some Great Pyrenees dog breed information that every pet owner should have before adopting one: These dogs have high wanderlust potential; hence their owner must keep an eye on them when on a walk. These dogs are also a bit challenging to train, which certainly could cause some issues if novice pet owners adopt them. Cold climate conditions are perfect for the Great Pyrenees dog breed, but they also do well in hot climates. You can bring them home if you are living in a hot climate.

Affenpinscher Dog.

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