Akita Dog Breed information

Akita Dog Breed information

Akita breed, as evident by the name, is a breed that has originated from the Southeast Asian country of Japan. These large and powerful dogs have an intimidating presence, which makes them suitable for guard duties, which is precisely the reason behind their breeding. In feudal Japan, the Akita dog breed was used for guarding royalty, nobility, and other high-standing folks. They were also quite successful in hunting as well. Now, Akita Dogs are primarily used as guard dogs and quite successfully as well.

But just because of their fierce nature, one should not assume them to be not suitable for families. Akita Dog Breed characteristics include them being affectionate to their owners and their respectful and amusing nature. If they are adequately trained and socialized, they will make for a fine addition to a family. Proper training of Akita Dogs is quite crucial as these dogs can be quite stubborn and would not follow the orders of their owners if they had not been trained. They are faithful companions that would not let one down ever. You will surely find this information useful if you want to adopt the Akita dog breed.

Akita Breed information

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